Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Cookie, Alex and I want to wish all our friends around the world a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2013. The support has been incredible in 2012 and we are grateful for everyone's passionate involvement in being behind us.

We’ve got some exciting plans for this year, but you’ll have to wait and see!  Before launching into it though, it’s timely for a round-up of the year, specifically the last four months since the last blog.


One of the most frustrating things in recent months happened on 25 October when – without any warning and without any explanation – YouTube suddenly shut down our channel.  All we got was a message saying there had been some “unusual activity”.  It’s odd, given that people who breach copyright (which we never did of course), get several warnings and have their account closed after three strikes.  We never had a single warning or strike, with our account in good standing for 3.5 years.  In that time we had gathered over 12,000 subscribers, over 800,000 views and thousands of incredible comments from round the globe. All of our videos were rated at least 98%With that kind of support it's strange that YouTube would choose to shut us down.  It was incredibly disappointing to have it taken away from us in an instant.  The idea that we weren't personally sending messages is laughable - we had taken the trouble to write individually to every single person who posted a comment or wrote to us, which was over 9,000 personal messages; that's no exaggeration.  The comments on Facebook and emails we received from outraged supporters was extremely comforting.

We tried to appeal to Google, but the big corporate machine doesn’t have a human mechanism for considering each case.  To give you an example - the first appeal got a response saying we needed to appeal... We also emailed, faxed and posted letters to HQ, but heard nothing back.

We therefore had no choice but to start again with a new channel – www.youtube.com/magazinegapmusic – which was launched on 2 November.  The great news is that so many of our friends have returned to us and seemingly with more passion than ever about what we do.  Perhaps they realised that we rely on their support and they wanted to stand with us in the face of the unreasonable corporate machine.  Either way, it’s been overwhelmingly reassuring to have had such a flood of amazing messages and comments.

Video Blog Compilation

Returning to the timeline, and picking up where we left off from the last blog, on 5 August we uploaded the compilation of the ‘Vlogs’ we made whilst we were on our Asian tour and which were posted on Facebook along the way.  The compilation included one that wasn’t posted at the time as well as additional footage.  It was the first video that I filmed and edited myself, so I was quite pleased with how it turned out!  It received a flood of comments and was #7 most discussed music video of the day in the UK.  Within a week it had 334 comments and was still in the YouTube charts.

Slipstream – Official Music Video

The rest of the month led up to the release of our “Slipstream” video with teaser screenshot photos on Facebook.  It shows some of the stunning footage shot by Nathan Wong (of ThinFilmHK) and his team:


The careful editing by Nathan Wong was also exceptional and on 1 September we proudly unveiled our new music video.  We were delighted that it was so well received.  In 7 days, we had over 600 comments; by the close of our channel in mid-October, that had more than doubled.


We decided to stagger the upload of previous videos so they could be enjoyed (again) one at a time!

The "Slipstream" video of course was the first to be re-uploaded.  In the last two months it has received almost 700 comments and over 500 likes, which is brilliant.

On 25 November, we put up our performance of “Silver Lining” from our Montreux concert.

On 6 December, we put up “Our Last Stand” which was filmed at Terminal Studios in London Bridge with Tim and Jason in the line-up; the audio was recorded in one take.  In just 3 days it received over 275 incredible comments.

What’s Next?” followed on 15 December.  It had been our most popular video to date when it was released a year ago, and once again got lots of great comments.  By this point, YouTube had completely removed the charts.  Another thing they must have decided in a committee meeting with an agenda titled, ‘How to make YouTube even more crap’.  It used to be so good.  All the changes they have made over the last year or so are appalling, but what can you do?

On 27 December, we re-uploaded the "Video BlogCompilation".


Bedford Esquires – 29 September

We did a short UK tour in the autumn with just three shows, starting on Saturday 29 September with our first ever show in Bedford.  It was at The Esquires, a cool music venue with a great history.  The audience was superb, and we really enjoyed ourselves. 

Bike Shed Theatre – 5 October

The following Friday, 5 October we returned to Exeter for our second headline show (the first was at Mama Stone’s in 2010).  This time we were at the Bike Shed Theatre, which was great.  A packed crowd on a busy Friday night in the city was very exciting and we played two sets over two hours.

The 100 Club – 10 October

The following Wednesday, we returned to the iconic 100 Club on Oxford Street for our third headline performance. This time we topped the bill of the London City Showcase Festival, which has a great legacy of emerging artists who go on to notable success. It was nice to have Jeff (trumpet) and Chris (sax) back in the line-up, following The Stables in July.



In November, we received a superlative review of our Silver Lining EP by U.S. magazine I AM ENTERTAINMENT - http://www.iaemagazine.com/music/2012/122012/magazine-gap.html.  This was followed with a nice interview with me: http://www.iaemagazine.com/music/featured-artists/2012/magazine-gap/magazine-gap-band.html


So, as I mentioned, we’ve got things in the works for this year and are excited about revealing them to you in due course.  Meanwhile, we wish you all the best of luck in this New Year and want to thank you so much for your incredible support.